Financial Alerts
for Real Estate Agents

Get alerted anytime one of your contacts takes a financial triggering action.
Find your “NOW” business… now!

Monitor Your Entire
Contact Database

Find the Leads who
are ready to buy

Re-Engage at the right time
with the right message

Stop playing the "waiting game"
with your leads

Financial Alerts identifies ready-to-buy leads,
with predictive analytics to help you jump in at just the right time.
Never lose another opportunity to your competitors!

You will know which contacts are ready to buy now

Don’t think new leads are your only path to “now” business. Your existing contact database is filled with people ready to buy. The average American changes living arrangements every 5 years, so you more than likely have contacts, past clients, and older leads looking to move right now.

Imagine how much easier it could be if you know which of your contacts is most ready to buy. Well, now you can!

In partnership with Goldstar, our Financial Alerts integration leverages regression analysis and machine learning to watch your entire database. It signals you anytime a significant financial event occurs for a contact. It also alerts your Loan Officer partner with predictive data about the lead’s credit status. With this valuable intelligence, you can create powerful, personalized messaging — at just the right time — to reconnect and drive response.

You’re not only re-engaging leads with homebuyer information, you can offer easy financing referrals as well. A very attractive proposition, and far more effective than a random “check-in.”

We understand the frustration of missing out on deals from your own contacts.
That’s why we built Financial Alerts.

How It Works

1. A lead or past client in your database takes a financial triggering action.

2. Financial Alerts notifies you and your Loan Officer partner with predictive analytics about their financial status.

3. You re-engage with personalized messaging that drives response.
Offer homebuyer info AND
easy financing referrals.

And we provide proven messaging templates to help you get started.

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EngageCE Financial Alerts

This service monitors your contacts database and alerts you when a significant financial event occurs.